Sunday, January 29, 2017

Texture Paste Tag

I wanted to play around with my new and cheap acrylic paints.  I found that I love working with texture paste.  I have so much to learn but you have to start somewhere right? I bought a mixed media notebook on sale at Micheal's.  I doubt it is a great one but for me, a good one will do.

On a Walmart run I picked up several acrylic paints. Nothing special, I just liked the colors. I decided to try each one out and label them.

I grabbed a craft tag. On the tag I added clear Gesso. Gesso is a kind of primer so all the pretty colors stay on the paper. I bought a huge bottle. I fill up my small glass container when I need it.  It dries fast. I didn't worry about the bumps and streaks. I think it gives it more character.

I picked out a few colors I thought would look good together. Then I picked a new stencil to try. I have two sons, so anytime I can play with girly colors I go for it! Then I took my texture paste and made 3 small pools of it. I then added one color to each pool and mixed very well.

I put the tag down and put the stencil on top and it's ready to go! I should have taped the stencil down but once I got started I didn't want to stop. I tried to be careful and held the stencil down in place nice and firm.

I used each color, cleaning my spatula after each color. I didn't want to blend my colors I just wanted them to meet. The best thing is when you lift the stencil and see all the pretty colors and textures.

I cleaned the edges of my tag a bit and cleaned my work space.  I let the tag dry for about 30 minutes. Finally I took my very favorite color mist and added a few sprays to the tag. Glimmer Mist is so sparkly and the color Pearl is perfect. This will go in my give with a gift pile!